After Israel

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We moved to Israel thinking, rather naively that it was our true home, but after many months of trying to assimilate, learn the language and seeking employment we were forced to face the TRUTH! Israel is a bit backward, they still tend to mix religion with government and they are gravely biased by the belief of the Ultra religious who make it difficult for secular, everyday Jews to get along.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

March...Searching the Soul

This month is well on its way into the past and it has brought with it surprises a plenty, too much water on Kauai in the Hawain Islands burst a dam and flooded a once peaceful place; we hear everyday of how much worse things are in Iraq; the bird flu spreads even as scientist rush to find some vaccine which might stem it's path if it mutates to human form...and of course they are divided in their opinions of whether or not it can actually mutate to that state! We hear of wars, and death and destruction almost on an hourly basis, and even Israel is on the brink. We hear of children shooting other children and people making horrendous mistakes in judgement, the worlds weather is out of sink and it would seem so are many of it's human inhabitants!
Last evening I did my very first radio interview on Beyond the Ordinary, It is a wonderful talk and music radio show on the net!(Http:// ). The ladies who put it on the air are fantastic, I had emailed to say how nervous I was but when the time came the frieght that I felt while preparing completely slipped away in the first five minutes and so I let the Truth roll out for the world to hear! Gosh, I hope they were listening! Because this old world of ours could use a heaping spoonful of Truth! It never ceases to amaze me that people have two very definate reactions to hearing Truth, eaither they listen with their heart, inteliigence and soul and think about what is said, or they recoil in fear and suspicion, clinging to their safety zone believing that it isn't so. The first reaction I always attribute to those who are awake, aware of the worlds condition, accepting of the fact that we are all human and thus equal, and of course those who are spiritually growing; the second I know right away that people are asleep to reality, that they have been dulled by the sensory input of our age into a lethargy from which they can not shake themselves, they neither want to know the Truth nor do they want to take responsiblity for not knowing it and being oblivious!
We are sentinent beings, our brain allows us to reason, to know right from wrong to recognize the helpless among us, to learn to appreciate the sheer beauty of this earth of ours and all of its varied life forms. I wonder though how many of us Humans really know that we are here for a purpose? That we are each a very unique individual with a gift or maybe many gifts that we should be sharing with others. It gives me pause when I think of the enorminty of speaking on the web, the fact that the cirlces of the net reach clear around our world, and come back to meet themselves where they started...think of it! Even if you don't broadcast, what you have to share is important, what comes out of our mouths is life itself. When we speak the words have powers that we do not realize, the power to heal, to help, to share love, to ease pain, or to do harm and injury to the hearer, to subvert the Truth or to pour it forth so that others may know, to teach, and to spread anger, to make change or to cause fear of change! We, the sentient Humans have so much power, if we all only recognize what we are capable of doing we could make a huge difference in how the people of this planet feel about each other, if we would only stop to recognize our Humanity, and that all of us are really the same, if we could take away the masks that are our faces, and be only what is inside of us...spiritual beings! Think about it for a moment, not one word that is uttered ever dies! Each word once said can not be retrieved, those who hear us will remember, and as long as that is true we should be constantly aware of the impact of what we say! I hope that when I spoke last night those who heard me were not injured by my speeking, but I know that what is Truth must always be shared or we are negligent of our duty to our fellow human beings.
I have been asked back to the show again in April and already I am shuffling through the piles of research in my files to prepare, to go to the next level, to be able to share more of what I know. My husband sat quietly in a chair near me for the last half of the show and every once in a while he would grab his book and jot down something that I said, later he shared with me some of the quotes he had taken from me, I was humbled by the reality that many times it is my soul who speaks with such eloquence and not really the human I am, I was honored to have been able to share and in that sharing I was also aware that our Humanity is often frail, and sometimes unable to deal with the hard realities of life, it occured to me that I should be mind ful next time to also share the spiritual side of Israel, and indeed of my own life. When very young it came to me that we are sent here with a purpose and that to live that purpose is what this entire life is about. Our souls each have their own inprint of what we are suppose to accomplish, but how many of us realize that we are here to serve a divinely given purpose? Think about it, did you ever feel the soul in you respond to some situation? If you have had this feeling, this knowing, did you respond to it? There was an incident that touched me years ago, high on a canyon wall in the Dells of Wisconsin just as the sun set I was privileged to be visited by the spirit of the Eagle, a real live Bald eagle swept down and sat staring eye to eye with me for what seemed an eternity! I have never forgotten that incident, it is as vivid as I write this as if it were yesterday when in reality it happened nearly 42 years ago. I was grieving the death of my first real love in life, my friend who had been lost in Viet Nam, and that Eagle gave me a precious gift that has remained all these years...Peace! Not just a peaceful feeling but a deep, satisfied Peace which penetrated my very soul and has rested there eversense. I call on it when I have worries, or doubts or when I have seen too much of life's pain and become disillusioned!
I wanted to share this with you so that you might begin to think about the times in your lives when something like this stirred you! It is essential that those of us who are awake are also in tune to our souls speaking, that we listen not just with the ears of our physical selves but that we listen with the ears of our souls, it is our duty to be warriors on the way, to speak Truth and to utter words that stir others to want to know that Truth. It is our purpose to share what we know so that others who are not yet awake may waken from their slumber of lethergy and begin to look around them at the state of this old world of ours! Together many can make change, but even if you are the only fish in pond who is making a splash it still counts! Make the biggest splash you can right where you are because the circles that go out from you don't end until they have encirlced the earth and returned to where they began!
Wake up from your slumber those of you who are sleeping, rub your eyes and listen to the heart beat of Humanity, Be Aware, Speak Truth ! Join with those of us who are warriors on the Path and together we can change the world!